Lash Strips vs Extensions

If eyes are the windows to the soul, then I guess you could say lashes are the shutters!

Want to look more awake? Lashes! Want bigger eyes? Lashes. When mascara just isn’t doing the job, sometimes you gotta go the extra mile to get the lash you’re looking for.

But what is the real difference between lash extensions and false lashes and how do you know which is right for you?

False Lashes- Strip Lashes

Strip Lashes

Strip lashes have been around for a solid century now! With strip lashes you can add a small amount of volume or go crazy with a dramatic style.

  • Eyelash strips can be applied by yourself and you do not need to visit a salon.
  • Change your look up every day and match your lash to your eye makeup or mood!
  • So many shapes and styles you can choose from,
  • Range anywhere from $1 to $40 a pair, depending on quality.
  • You can typically re-wear the same pair about 10-30 times depending on quality. (MFL lashes can be re-worn up to 30 times!)

Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash extensions consist of a stylist applying numerous single synthetic lashes, (or other kinds of lashes depending on the salon that you go to), on top of your natural eyelashes to make them look fuller, thicker, and longer.

  • A trained technician will need to apply the lashes onto your natural lashes individually with a strong and semi permanent glue and precise tools.
  • The process usually takes an 1-3 hours
  • Cost anywhere from $80 - $200+!
  • Need to be replaced every two to three weeks, as the extensions will shed with your natural lash cycle. Refills an cost another $80- $100
  • You must avoid using oil products on your eye
  • The weight from extensions can temporarily shorten your lashes


Both options will look great! One requires a lot more upkeep… from minding how you sleep to what you're putting near your eyes, it's clear that maintaining eyelash extensions is a delicate art. if you're feeling overwhelmed by the upkeep and the cost, maybe consider lash strips.

If you want to give false lashes a try, check out our MFL Lash Collection.




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