At we aim to provide high quality false lashes, at affordable prices. Our lashes are a luxury that everyone deserves to be treated to, and with our fair prices, you can be!
MFL was founded by two friends that figured out that adding a little lash can make a HUGE difference. We wanted to make false lashes more accessible to women who couldn’t afford the expensive brands, but who also didn’t want to sacrifice quality by buying them from cheap brands. So, since we were so passionate about helping women create a look they love, without breaking the bank, we came together to create My First Lashes! With us, every woman can have the stunning lashes of their dreams, without paying a fortune.
Formed in March 2019, our customers are already raving about our mink lashes, saying “these are the best falsies” they’ve used, and that “they look super natural”. But our lashes don’t just look amazing. “They are also super durable”, with one of our satisfied customers saying “I've worn them at least 10 times now and they're still good as new. And they stay on SO WELL”.
Between their luxurious looks and durability, you’d think our false lashes would be extremely expensive. We always have customers who are “a bit skeptical because these lashes are so affordable” and many have said they “didn’t think there was a way they could be great quality and affordable but alas they are!”. With MFL, affordable doesn’t always mean low quality, and our mink lashes are proof of that.
When we founded MFL, we wanted to provide great quality lashes at amazing prices, but we also understand how applying false lashes can be a bit scary. That’s why we’ve made the process as easy as possible, by putting together everything you need into full lash kits. The kits have everything you need to apply the false lashes easily, and without any issues. Whether you’re a false lash pro, or you’re applying them for the first time, we carefully created our lash kits to make the application stress free. Applying false lashes has never been easier than it is with our kits!
With MFL, you can count on having a stress-free experience with our lash kits, exceptional quality mink lashes, and amazingly affordable prices. You don’t need to pay a fortune to have the beautiful lash look you’ve always wanted.